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Serena Carranza

Serena supports clients to quantum shift into the frequency of their highest self so they can manifest all their dreams and desires into physical reality for the greatest good of all. She guides those who are dedicated to making phenomenal change in their life by helping them connect with themselves on a deep spiritual level and become aware of any limiting beliefs or subconscious patterns that are preventing them from creating their dream life. Her intention is to remind those who are ready, that now is the time to invest in yourself, your dreams, and your future to create the change you desire to see in this world. Serena believes now more than ever is the time for everyone to trust and believe in their inner truth and abilities above anything else and to know that the energy within them creates worlds and they can create anything they want in life with that same energy.


Helping those who are committed to creating their life on their terms by discovering the power of limitless creation that is within them so they can create a life of freedom, abundance and purpose.

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