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Sophia Nunner

Nothing hurts more than denying the truth about you, who you really are and keep living in way too small boxes, pretending to be somebody or something you’re not. I help those travelers and seekers to live and finally experience what it means to live a truly blissful, fulfilling and rich life in all life areas.
I offer and create a judgment-free, open, safe, supporting, empowering, nourishing, expressive, creative and transformative space for my clients where we make use of tools from the Dharma (soul purpose) Discovery method, embodiment and spiritual practices (e.g. meditation, breathwork, visualizations).


I help travelers and seekers who feel so wrong and off in this world to move from overwhelm, confusion, conditioning, restriction, and not knowing to clarity, confidence, authenticity, liberation, direction and trust about who they are, why they are here, what to do in this lifetime and how to get there. I help them to create a unique and new path that no one has walked before. Let’s start a soulful revolution.


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