Dharma Coaching Institute

Tavia Sturgill

I help those with womb spaces who feel burnt out and unfulfilled and are unable to embrace themselves due to a false identity in a religion that they have not felt safe to embody their full selves in. I help them find the practices that solidify their truth and empower their voice in order to CLAIM their truth and find + live their dharma. I do this using my sparks to flames method to help ignite the fire within. The components that we dive deeply into that fuel their flame are creating a sense of authentic awareness, helping them learn to elevate through emotions, finding confidence in their confusion always, being able to share their journey proudly, and finally using their flame to pass it on to others and live the dharma meant for them.


I work with people with womb spaces who are tired of their career and know there is more out there for them, those who lived life doing what they should instead of what they’re meant to, those who have a spiritual wound, and those who think they have nothing to say and no one to listen

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