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Timea Giordano

I am passionate to work with women who feel stuck in the same patterns of hustle and burn out and know deep down inside that they were made for more. They realize their next level of growth involves a deep transformation that will allow them to step into their full potential. Their heart is longing to re-activate their intuition and unlock their soul’s gifts, ready to find clarity on their journey to discover their soul’s purpose so they can create a life of fulfillment and meaningful impact!
The women I work with are ready to take their power back and be their most authentic self.
I create experiences and programs that lead women through a unique process to reconnect with their authentic self by accessing their soul connection and move forward with a deep knowing that they are on the right path. I’ve helped hundreds of women reclaim their personal power, start new relationships, heal anxiety, find their true calling, build their dream businesses, transform their past into golden nuggets to learn from and turn their dreams and vision into reality.


I help ambitious sensitive women navigate the cycles of their life and tap into their authentic power.


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