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Verna Feng

Being a senior executive struggling between work and family for 15 years, I decided to pursue my calling and started my own spiritual learning & counseling center in 2019. I enjoy working with women from 25-50 who are overwhelmed and unfulfilled with their current situation and want to live a purposeful life. I integrate my learnings in numerology, astrology, human design, flower essence, Aura-Soma, 13-moon calendar, and tarot/oracle card reading with Dharma coaching to accompany you through the self-discovery journey. If you are facing crossroads in life and don’t know how to decide, if you are suffering in the repeating painful cycle and want to seek breakthroughs, if you are confused and want to live your true self, I am here to support and bring clarity and transformation that aligns with your soul purpose. I look forward to creating an empowered, joyful, radiant, and meaningful life together with you!


I help women who feel lost in their current jobs and don’t know purpose of their lives, I help mothers who want to seek for careers that can bring out their fullest potentials.


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