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Veronica Moss

I am a multi-passionate Psychic Empath and Light Warrior. My Dharma is to speak my truth and empower others to speak theirs’ by healing emotional trauma so that they live a more fulfilling life and awaken to their own Dharma. How do I do that? By healing emotional trauma, both in this life and previous past lives, to awaken your innate spiritual gifts to live an abundant life. I also have my Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, a certified Addiction Counselor and a Certified Hypnotherapist. I use the methodology and tools I have learned in 20 years and have combined it with Spirituality for healing emotional trauma. I focus on healing the inner child with shadow work to help you strengthen your intuition and emotional fulfilment. As a Spiritual Life Coach, I help you connect to who you truly are by discovering the root causes of emotional trauma instead of treating symptoms, such as depression or anger issues. I use a deeper, more holistic and soul-based approach to work with your subconscious and higher-self so you can live a more fulfilling and abundant life, by your own design!


I help Empaths heal from emotional trauma, so they can awaken their spiritual gifts and live their Life’s Purpose


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