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Victoria (Tori) O’Connor Blazeski

Victoria O’Connor Blazeski (aka. Tori) is a life coach and energy healer, and the owner of Philosophy Porch Coaching LLC. Tori gave up a life as a successful tax lawyer in order to reprioritize her own life; now she seeks to share the secrets of happiness and balance with everyone around her through energy healing and holistic balance life coaching. Tori uses her experience as a Dharma Coaching Institute graduate, Reiki Master, Antojai energy alchemist, and psychic in order to empower others to find joy, peace, and balance in life. We are all capable of living joyful, fulfilling lives. You can do it too! Tori can help you get there.


I help find balance, peace, and joy in life. This includes topics such as navigating a career change, breaking out of corporate life, combating burnout, self discovery, motherhood, energetic self care & wellness, spirituality & psychic gifts, life transitions, and more!


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