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Now a little about us:

Dharma Coaching Institute is the world’s first (& only) Soul Purpose (Dharma) Coaching and Spiritual Life Coaching Double Certification, with recognition by the ICF.

DCI is brainchild of Sahara Rose, best-selling author, host of the #1 spirituality podcast Highest Self + modern day thought leader, alongside psychology training with Dr. Neeta Bhushan and business training by serial entrepreneur Ajit Nawalka.

Over our 6 months together, you will align with your soul’s unique purpose and build a thriving, heart-centered coaching practice that honors your truth. 

We are a unique coaching certification program designed for the spiritual entrepreneur seeking to create extraordinary abundance, experience Career fulfillment, & serve others from their highest selves.

DCI is truly a portal of transformation. We have graduated over 1000+ students and we can’t wait to see your evolution on the other side. 

It will open your eyes to how you can create a career where you share your unique life experiences, pursue your soul’s purpose + get paid to be you! 

With gratitude,

Sahara, Neeta and Ajit

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