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Turn Your Pain Into Your Purpose

The Breakdown

Turn Your Pain Into Your Purpose

The Breakdown

Sometimes, your greatest challenges need to happen so you can let go and release the former version of you.

And this pain doesn’t have to be a dead-end. Instead, it can be the fertile soil from which your purpose blossoms.

In this first video, Sahara Rose and Dr. Neeta Bhushan share the tumultuous obstacles they’ve had to face, and how those times of gut-wrenching pain illuminated the pathway to their purpose.

Join them as you hear about their own darkest nights of the soul, and how just like the phoenix, these ashes laid the foundation for their rising.

After watching this, learn how to turn your pain into your purpose in the next video.

After hearing their stories, Sahara Rose then guides you step by step through your own Dharma Blueprint™, which reflects your soul back to you with clarity, so that you’ll know how to turn your pain into your purpose, and how you’ll be able to guide others in doing the same.

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