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Turn Your Pain Into Your Purpose

The Rising

Turn Your Pain Into Your Purpose

The Rising

Now that you can see your own ashes as the fertile soil for your growth, it’s time to be reborn and rise from your smolders.

This is where you turn bronze into gold: you undergo your metamorphosis by transmuting your pain.

The natural question that comes up now is how you create this transmutation and go from feeling the depths of your pain to actually turning that obstacle into your purpose.

In this video, Sahara Rose guides you through your own Dharma Blueprint™ – Dharma Coaching Institute’s proprietary 5-step tool – so that you can hone in on your purpose. This is an exercise that reflects your soul back to you so that you can see your purpose with clarity and confidence.

Now that you know how to rise from your ashes and transmute your pain, it’s time to learn how to soar.


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