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Discover Your Unique Coaching Style

(Takes 60 seconds)

(Takes 60 seconds)

We all have unique gifts to share with the world. Take this quiz I specifically created with Dharma Coaching Institute to find out if you're best as an Intuitive, Transformational, or Empathetic Soul Purpose + Spiritual Life Coach and how to actually make this your career!

- Sahara Rose

Discover Your Unique Coaching Style

1. People always come to me for:


2. When helping friends, I:


3. What excites you about Soul Purpose & Spiritual Life Coaching?


4. How do people best describe you?


5. Who would your ideal clients be?


6. What is my intention for becoming a Soul Purpose & Spiritual Life Coach?


7. How do you feel connected to your own soul's purpose?


8. Do you take action on your ideas?


You're one step away from seeing what type of coach you are!

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