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The Dharma Movement: Our Backstory

How a Radical Idea Became a Colossal Movement, Creating the First Ever Dharma (Soul Purpose) Coaching Institute

The Dharma Movement: Our Backstory

What happens when the Universe unites three industry-leading visionaries whose humble beginnings were…

A woman who went against the grain of her family’s expectations and was disowned for committing to her purpose,

A man who grew up in an over-packed house of twelve in India with big dreams of creating something of his own,

And a woman who was orphaned by 19 years old, later losing and rediscovering herself through an abusive marriage?

The world’s first Soul Purpose (Dharma) + Spiritual Life Coaching Institute.

In this docuseries, you’ll discover how the three of Dharma Coaching Institute’s founders were brought together to create something beyond any of their wildest imaginations:

The Dharma Movement which has taken the coaching industry by storm, with over 1500 Certified Dharma Coaches over the past two years, which have gone out into the world and coached thousands of people across all demographics and countries.

Welcome to the Dharma Movement.

VIDEO 1: The Dharma Movement

Join Dharma Coaching Institute (DCI) founders Sahara Rose, Ajit Nawalkha, and Dr. Neeta Bhushan and hear how the DCI magic first happened. Get introduced to the humble beginnings of three visionaries and how they serendipitously met to then create Dharma Coaching Institute. This is the origin story of both the institute and The Dharma Movement, with a glimpse into the massive ripples its wave is having throughout the world.

VIDEO 2: Creating A Multidimensional Career

The truth about creating a career as a Soul Purpose (Dharma) + Spiritual Life Coach with DCI is that there are limitless ways to create abundance through it; it’s a multidimensional career where you get paid to be the full, unapologetic version of yourself. In this video, you’ll learn directly from the Multidimensional Queen herself, Sahara Rose, as she shares her own journey in creating a thriving and abundant career while expressing all aspects of herself so that you can discover the many career opportunities that you can also create as a coach.

VIDEO 3: The Impact

In this final episode of the series, you’ll join Sahara Rose as you learn about how you can soar into the Golden Age of Coaching that we’ve now entered.

A new era has begun and it’s not only impacting careers – it’s changing how we are living. Discover how you can be a pioneer at the forefront of this new paradigm.

Plus, you’ll get an intimate look at how various Dharma Coaching Institute (DCI) graduates have created thriving coaching careers, from one-on-one coaching to corporate wellness to retreats and beyond. You’ll see how DCI is an institute of transformation where you will not be the same on the other side.

Ready to create a life that honors your soul’s purpose?

The first step to the fulfillment and abundance you desire starts right here.

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