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The Dharma Movement

Creating A
Multidimensional Career

You aren’t here to just do or be one thing, day in and day out. The new paradigm is all about embracing your full-spectrum, multi-passionate self.

So who better to hear from than the Multidimensional Queen herself, Sahara Rose?

In part two of this docuseries, Sahara shares her own career journey and the abundance she created for herself and how you can do the same. She also shares the possibilities of becoming a coach and why it’s the perfect place to jumpstart your career as a thought-leader. Join Sahara as she discusses how starting with one-on-one coaching can lead to you leading groups, writing books, public speaking, hosting retreats and beyond.

The ultimate career path is one that embraces your multidimensional self, where you can be paid to be you and share your wisdom with others as a Certified Soul Purpose (Dharma) + Spiritual Life Coach.

In the next video, you’ll learn exactly how Dharma Coaching Institute will have you aligning into your highest timeline yet and creating the life you dream of (paired with the impact you desire).

The possibilities for projects are infinite. Your message is waiting to be heard.

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