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Black Raven Coaching – Taylor Lehn

For most of my adult life, a sense of unfulfillment had taken root within me, leaving me uncertain about the path I should follow in life. Since 2020, I have dedicated myself to studying and understanding how to break free from this stagnant state and discover my true purpose. Along this voyage of self-discovery, I … Read more

Sara “Celeste” Smith

I love to create and hold spaces that transform the lives, collectives, and businesses of our community. Witnessing the impact from the ripple effect of kindness, through people, animals, and nature, fulfills my sense of purpose. I choose to share myself with the world through 2 main focuses: 1:1 Coaching: I help technology experts with … Read more

Shannon Ryan

I help women suffering from feeling lost, overwhelmed, and confused to gain clarity, passion and purpose. I am a mentor, guide, and coach that guides women towards reclaiming their power, stepping into their truth, and living the life of their wildest dreams. You didn’t come here to play small. You came here to shine! In … Read more

Monica Archuleta

I am passionate and commited to motivating women to heal through their unresloved traumas, build confidence and take back their lives. I will provide a safe container for us to work magic together in developing your self love, destroy the self sabatoge, turn around the negative self talk, put up strong boundaries & build relentless … Read more

Bree Conneely

I help young women shed layers of fears and mindset blocks to discover their passions, unlock their creativity, and live their dharma. I use coaching practices as well as intuitive energy readings. Specialty I help young women discover their truest selves and unlock their passion and creativity

Krystyna Dowling

I assist women with connecting deeper with themselves through nourishing their body, mind, and connection with Source. I support them through Dharma coaching, somatic practices, and my educational background in Nutrition and Integrative Therapy Practices/Holistic Health. Specialty I help women find physical-mental-spiritual balance.


I help people adapt/find life purpose in a new culture (i.e. from Asian countries to the U.S. etc.) I help nurses overcome burnout. I help nurse practitioners/nurse practitioner students overcome role confusion and grow. Specialty People from Asian countries to the U.S. | Registered Nurses | Nurse Practitioners | Nurse Practitioner Students

Mackenzie Ross

I help heart-centered professionals better manage their energy and mental health so that they can move through blocks and life transitions with confidence and ease Specialty Holistic Mental Health + Wellness

Danielle Roland

I help biracial women overcome self-doubt and societal beliefs with movement to embody all the different layers of who they are and live in their purpose. Specialty I help biracial women embody their purpose through movement and overcome societal pressures.


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