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Mona Alina

Hi! I’m Mona, double certified Spiritual Life Coach, and my greatest purpose is to help you (re)discover yours! I’m here to empower and motivate you to fully step into your authentic light and become the best version of yourself. The modalities I use in my coaching are what helped me overcome major life challenges and … Read more

Marcia Monti

I help 45+ year old women who are burned out, have low self esteem and/or who are paralyzed by fear & are unsure how to get unstuck. Together we work on removing/replacing limiting beliefs that are keeping them stuck as well as identify their dharma through the lens of the divine feminine.. Specialty I help … Read more

Mati Sanchez

I coach perfectionists to connect to self-love and authentically build their dream life based on wants vs. shoulds. My methodology has three phases, with each phase being 5 x 1hr sessions. The first phase is learning to accept and integrate all parts of yourself with compassion using somatic practices that regulate your nervous system, helping … Read more

Kalyn Parker

I help you find clarity and step into the highest version of you through somatic healing practices and dream self+life mapping. Specialty I guide conscious humans to their highest selves, and find clarity and direction towards their dream lives.

Christina Almeida

I help people who are in recovery connect to joy, purpose and power. My journey to becoming a transformational recovery coach began when I first went to rehab 8 years ago. The worst part about getting sober wasn’t rehab, it was what everyone told me getting sober would mean for my life – that I … Read more

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