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Sema Aydin

Hey! I’m Sema ♡ I love empowering magical beings to reconnect and embody their inner child’s magical reality through the gift of art, mother Gaia, numerology, tarot, yoga and so much more! I love anything to do with fairies, unicorns, mermaids, mother nature, starseeds and the feminine aesthetic archetypes and I want to guide you … Read more

Steve McDougal

I am have 20 years experience in helping stuck professionals have breakthroughs in confidence, finances, relationships and health. I have coached more than 500 people to accomplish outstanding break throughs in their careers. Specialty I help stuck professionals uncover their true purpose and build an action plan to take action to realize their dreams goals.

Lauren Kelly

I help burned out professionals re-discover who they & support them in creating their dream life through coaching and exploring their unique human design. I empower you to finally take action on that deep vision or desire you’ve been holding onto in your mind but never fully shared with the world. Together we will unearth … Read more

Megan Armstrong

Do you feel like you’re doing all the things you’re supposed to be doing but feel stuck and without a purpose? Are you spiritually curious? Do you want to discover a deep connection to your mind, heart and soul? Do you feel like the odd one out and just want to step into your weirdness … Read more


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