Dharma Coaching Institute

Diana June

My passion is to help conscious beings deeply introspect in order to understand themselves, raise their consciousness, and harness their own intuitive abilities. I provide guidance, clarity, and support throughout your spiritual awakening to facilitate a deep understanding of who you are at the soul-level. We’ll also explore different aspects of your life and evaluate … Read more

Anna Gagliuffi

Hi love! I support women step into their delicious Soul’s purpose through somatic work and mental clarity. Let me take you on a journey: we’ll connect when you feel confused, disconnected, burnt out, or frozen from perfectionism. Together, we will identify your dreams and obstacles. I’ll help you connect to your body’s wisdom, you’ll practice … Read more

Mati Sanchez

I coach perfectionists to connect to self-love and authentically build their dream life based on wants vs. shoulds. My methodology has three phases, with each phase being 5 x 1hr sessions. The first phase is learning to accept and integrate all parts of yourself with compassion using somatic practices that regulate your nervous system, helping … Read more


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